Our range of entry and video entry phone systems includes but is not limited to:

- Audio Entryphone Systems

- Video Entryphone Systems

- Handsets

- Monitors

- Audio Entrance Pannels

- Video Entrance Pannels

- Coded Audio Entry phone Systems

- Coded Video Entry phone Systems

- Coded Access Keypads

- Coded Fingerprint Access

- Coded Iris Scanner Access

- Gate/door Release Controls

- Magnetic door catches/release

- Speech Units

- Cards/Proximity Access

- Relays and Timers

- Transformers

- Door release Buttons

- GSM Intercoms

Many more Video/Entryphone solutions available upon request and consultation.

Why use a Video/Entry phone system

Video or audio entry phone systems provide convenience, comfort and enhance your security around your home. They simply make your life easier and more fashionable.

Whether to answer the door from the third floor or to find out who is outside your door without compromising your security, this is the solution for you.

Why choose us to automate your environment

With our background in electrical installations and understanding of electronics we are able to advice, supply and install your dream installation. We can install complete installations or part of them, leaving you with the possibility to expand and add on components / functions in future.

We also take into account your existing installation if you already have one, and if anything can be utilised, we make use of it thus keeping the cost as low as possible without compromising the integrity and quality of the installation.

Do you need one

Well, that is for you to decide but think about every time your bell rings and you come down only to find out that someone has got the wrong address or someone is trying to sell you something you are not interested.

It might be late at night and you are not very comfortable with opening the door to find out who is ringing your bell, or you might want to talk to someone before opening the door yet not being rude by speaking from behind a closed door.

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