Our range of specialized lighting and power controls includes but is not limited to:

- Scene setting lighting controls

- Remote control dimming

- LED and RGB lighting controls

- Occupancy sensor lighting / fan controls

- Curtain operators

- Blinds operators

- Voice activation control switching

- Clap activation control switching

- Window operators on rain sensors

- Windows/shutters operator on dusk to down sensor

- Window operators on temperature controls

- Gate operators

- Magnetic door catches

- Fire detection door shutting controls

- Carbon monoxide detection door openings controls

- Fingerprint access controls

- Iris scanner access controls

- Card authentication access controls

- Personal code access controls

Many more lighting and power solutions available upon request and consultation.

Why automate the lighting and power around your house

Specialized lighting and power controls provide convenience, looks, comfort and enhance your security around your home. They simply make your life easier and more fashionable.

Whether it is due to functionality or that smooth touch required in final architecture marks around your house, this is the solution for you.

Why choose us to automate your environment

With our background in electrical installations and understanding of electronics we are able to advice, supply and install your dream installation. We can install complete installations or part of them, leaving you with the possibility to expand and add on components / functions in future.

We also take into account your existing installation and if anything can be utilised, we make use of it thus keeping the cost as low as possible without compromising the integrity and quality of the installation.

Why all these products

In the last five years the popularity and demand for automated controls has increased sharply. Whether due to the needs that arise in different situations or because of style and fashion, people have started to feel the need to improve their home installations.

The cost of automated equipment has decreased a lot due to increased popularity and demand of these products.

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