Our range of conventional lighting and power controls includes but is not limited to:

- Complete rewire of the electrical Installation

- Partial rewire of the electrical Installation

- Alteration of power and lighting circuits

- Replacement of CCU (Fuseboard)

- Reposition of CCU (Fuseboard)

- Upgrading/installing Earth bonding

- Adittional lighting and power points

- Replacement/Installation of dimmers/switches

- Reposition/Replacement/Installation of lights/chandeliers

- Replacement/reposition/installation of extractor fans

- Underfloor heating and controls

- Electric showers

- Outside/security/garden lighting

- Kitchen appliances power points

- Decorative/architectural lighting

- 5A sockets (light sockets)

- Floor sockets (power and lights)

- Telephone/Fax points

- TV single and multiroom systems

- Faceplate replacement of sockets and switches

Many more lighting and power solutions available upon request and consultation.

Make sure the lighting and power around your house is safe and sound

Unless you did build your place yourself, your knowledge in relation to your electrical installation is only superficial. You know only what you can see. Even if you are lucky and the previous owner of your property did install everything in accordance with the regulations and he/she did use professional electricians, there is the wear and tear factor as well as changes/improvements made to the electricity regulations. This alone is enough to make you think getting a professional to inspect and test your electrical installation.

If you are not one of the abovementioned lucky ones, then the need to inspact and test your property is even greater. Renting or selling your property without a certificate of compliance with the current building regulations not only contradicts the current legislation but has an efect on the renting/selling price. It is up to you to ensure that you meet all the best criteria to maximise your profit, it is our job to make sure you can achieve this goal.

Why choose us

We are a NICEIC registered as well as TrustMark service provider. This means that you do not have to worry about our credentials as professionals. All our work is in full compliance with the up to date regulations as well as backed up by 6 years warranty offered by NICEIC.

The NICEIC Insurance Backed Warranty covers work undertaken by contractors registered to the NICEIC Domestic Installer Scheme that is notifiable to Building Control. The purpose of the Warranty is to protect consumers should any work be found not to comply with the Building Regulations under circumstances where the contractor is no longer in business to undertake the necessary remedial work.

Certification of the work undertaken

We are authorised to self-certify our work without hindrance from Local Authority Building Control. This saves you both time and money when undertaking work that requires notification under the Building Regulations.


NICEIC operates an independent complaints procedure governing the technical standards of electrical installation of its Approved Contractor and Domestic Installer Schemes. If the electrical work of a registered contractor is found to be below the accepted technical standard, NICEIC requires the contractor to correct the work, at no additional cost to the customer. NICEIC is concerned solely with the safety and technical standard of the electrical work carried out by Approved Contractors, and the standard of certification and periodic inspection reports which Approved Contractors are responsible for producing.

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